FAQ's about Dog Training in Albany, NY

Q. So what do we need to do after you have gone?

A. Your “homework” is the key to your permanent success. Your dog needs consistency and repetition to imprint his or her brain with new skills and behavior patterns. If you do nothing after we leave your dog will typically revert to his or her former behaviors.

Q. What “homework” do I have to do?

A. About 15 minutes a day incorporated into your daily walk – it makes the walk more enjoyable and improves the bond between you while cementing the skills you learn in class.
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Q. Can I do the behavior modification AND group training?

A. Yes of course and for some dogs the two together compliment each other perfectly.

Q. I have a puppy, what type of training should I undergo?

A. The simple answer is ideally both. The in-home session is like the instruction book for your new addition and the group training provides the confidence building, socialization and fun. If you invest early in your puppy's life you will have a dog you can enjoy and be proud of for the next ten to fifteen years!